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How Do We Make Money and Where Does Your CashBack Comes From?

The VirMegaMalls.com system has been developed to allow you to receive CashBack Rebates on purchases you make through the mall stores. Each stores pays VirMegaMalls.com a commission for referring you to them, and VirMegaMalls.com shares this commission with you as CashBack.

In other words, the stores are paying us to partner with them and this involves us referring you to their site in exchange for a commission, which we then share back with you as your reward. We have done our best to only choose trustworthy merchants, most of which you will readily recognize. There are also systems which have been put in place to be able to track your purchases with each vendor to help ensure you receive the CashBack you have earned. This involves special software on the merchant’s end, a third party validation company in almost all cases, and our own proprietary tracking system running on our servers. We have done our best to protect the integrity of this concept to make your experience very worthwhile and help you save money and earn your rewards.

We are happy to answer all questions you may have.